Retrieved 12/4/12

While hunger strike has freed two Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli prisons which are : Khoder Adnan and Hana Al Shalabi , the hunger strike started-more than four weeks ago- by Bahraini activist Abdel Hadi al Khawaja has not yet led to his liberation or to a fair trial ; the Bahraini authorities have thus surpassed the Israelis who are of the worst kind in these situations .

Al Khawaja who is an activist in Bahraini human rights, has been fighting for years in the lines of the Bahraini opposition against injustice, poverty and the corruption of the Bahraini State, and has been arrested last year and incarcerated and tried with 21 other prisoners and then sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment for trying –supposedly-to overthrow the regime .

As much as the media is feasting on some so called Arab Revolutions and covering step by step their moves, a total blackout is imposed on the genuine Bahraini opposition that has been active for years now trying to implement reforms in the country . For this the Bahraini opposition is using peaceful means of sits in and peaceful demonstrations all over the country, asking for democratic changes within the monarchy.

These reforms are meant to secure the participation of the people in the rule and obtain a government that represents the people and operate reforms in the judicial system to assure its autonomy and in the economic system for a better distribution of wealth. In Addition, the opposition is also standing against the naturalization policies that aim at changing the demography of the country by giving the nationality to groups of people from different religions and sects –Arabs and non Arabs – to counterbalance the Shi’a majority in the country. These policies of naturalization have never stopped since a whole decade, and now groups of Sudanese and many Sudanese tribes are being naturalized to increase the number the Muslim Sunnis versus the Shi’a sect that represents more than 70% of the population.

The problem with Bahrain is not within Bahrain itself, and the authorities have many times shown a disposition to start reforms, but the proximity to KSA prevents any serious endeavor in this direction. It is known that the Saudis put lots of pressure on neighboring countries not to implement any reforms that might be contagious and spread to the kingdom itself and cause it to operate undesirable changes .

All countries of the Gulf fall under this spell to the point that Saudis, for almost a year now, not only have invaded the island of Bahrain with their army and other gulf armies to oppress the opposition, but have been trying to bring Bahrain under their authority by affiliating it directly to KSA and creating the so called Gulf Union between the two countries that will deprive Bahrain of its independence and will putl its original population in the position of a minority . Now – according to the opposition – a step like this one cannot be legal unless it is subject to a referendum among Bahrainis who will have to vote for it or against it .

Meanwhile the opposition is continuing tirelessly its move and the great participation of women in the movement is becoming more and more significant, the daughter of Al Khawaja, Zainab , has been freed lately after being arrested by the local police for screaming high the name of her father who is dying on his hospital bed , and the Authorities have turned down the demand on behalf of Denmark to transfer the prisoner to the country of which Al Khawaja is also citizen .

The prisoner is sticking to his position despite the serious deterioration of his condition where he has lost almost half his weight and is drawing nearer to death . The opposition- on the other hand – is sticking to its righteous demands without giving in to the increasing oppression and violations that have reached the homes where the police is throwing its toxic gas bombs in the houses themselves causing every day the death- by intoxication -of people among them children and elderly ones.

The suggestion on behalf of the heir of the thrown to replace some ministers of the actual government by other- as a way to end the crisis -has not been accepted by the opposition who did not offer so many sacrifices to receive in return some crumbs that will not satisfy the striving of a whole population for freedom and justice

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