Update From Syria

Four oil wells have been set on fire by accident in Deir Al Zour Syria when thugs of the opposition- who wanted to steal the oil and sell it- fought with each other and set fire to 3 wells that will deprive Syria of more than 4000 barrels a day and will cause great environmental problems . In the same region – on the borders with Iraq- armed groups have tried to break through the Iraqi territories through the fortified walls that had separated the two countries since year 2007 but were turned down by Iraqi forces.
On the other hand attempts at drawing the Druze community of the Suwayda’ have been noticed when the thugs of the Al Nusra committed massacres against civilians in this region , The Druze community living in occupied Palestine said that it will protect the Druze community in Syria –if necessary .

Another massacre has been committed by the thugs of the opposition in Tal Kalakh -on the borders with Lebanon- and clashes have opposed the Syrian Army to the armed thugs who were trying to cross the borders to Syria . The number of victims of the massacre are ten and the thugs liquidated them as the Syrian army was trying to dislodge the armed gangs . It is worthwhile mentioning that the there is a great number of the FSA in Lebanon who receive training and medical care and use Lebanon as a resting place between two battles . There is fear that these groups are being integrated to the Lebanese society as part of its constituents to be used later in any future political settlement.

Israeli sources have mentioned the great amount of weapons that Saudis are sending to the thugs of the opposition which they are buying from several European sources , these weapons are heavy weapons and they are reaching the fighters in Aleppo.

On the other hand Syrians have seized on the shore of Tartous spying devices that were set by Israelis to spy on the Russian fleet .

The next move of the opposition is to try to proceed from both the south and the north .namely Dar’a and Aleppo towards the center and Damascus , but this will not change the situation . The armed opposition is betting now on the media war , it is trying to spread destabilizing news that will spread rumors hoping to reap the fruits of such rumors . One has to be very careful of how one handles any news coming from Syria.

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