The Prejudice Of The West Is The Log In The Eye That Should Be Removed


(Retrieved post from 2012)
Basic misunderstanding describes best the position that some leftist western intellectuals have taken against Iran. There is no doubt that most of the western leftist intellectuals are against Iran, some of them are of good intentions but lacking true insight in the matter, some others have deviated from the original purpose of supporting the people against the establishment and all of them are biased against Islam.

There is definitely a challenge here facing these intellectuals in as much as they had to deal with a revolution that is neither secular nor communist nor anything that they are familiar with, a revolution originating in eastern thought that the west had learned to discard, inspired by a great spiritual leader called Imam al Khomeini, in his turn inspired by the heroic stand of Al Imam Al Hussein – the Holy Prophet’s progeny- who stood alone with his kin and a handful of loyal friends to face the utmost injustice on behalf of the usurpers of Islamic rule and- by his great sacrifice- achieved victory over the usurper. A revolution that was successful by all standards, made by the people to the people, almost with no blood shed and that put term to one of the most brutal regimes of the area, that of the Shahinshah, vassal to USA, friend of Israel, installed by a military coup designed by US in a conspiracy against elected Iranian reformist Mossadek.

All this the Islamic revolution achieved led by a spotless spiritual leader who suffered for long years the injustices of the regime. Due to this revolution, the Shah was evicted, the country liberated from US hegemony, the Israeli embassy closed and, in its place , the embassy of Palestine was opened for the first time in history.

Never the less – in the narrow conditioned minds of the leftist western intellectuals- it was not forgiven that the revolution was not a secular or communist revolution: something a western intellectual conditioned mind can identify with. The contempt in which Islam- as a religion- is held in these minds is really unacceptable, given the fact that- according to the distorted minds of those leftists – if people draw inspiration from their culture and religion and heritage in their uprising, they are to be shunned. Only the western thought should be considered as a valid ground in what could be labeled as pure racism on behalf of the leftist intelligentsia; for- unfortunately for them- this time, the real revolution that made history did not come from Lenin or Trotsky, not even from Guevara, it was not triggered by Sartre or any other philosopher, it was triggered by a bearded authentic Muslim Imam, trusted fully and deservingly by his people, the Imam who led Iran and the faithful Iranians to the much desired fruit of freedom and liberation.
Prejudice and lack of insight deprived the western leftist intellectuals from partaking in the victory of the Iranians over the oppressor and it is too bad for them that they had to take this difficult test that checked their ability to support another whose thought is not an intrinsic part of theirs’, most of them failed the test. Most of them –let alone Gunter Grass – are siding now with the world order against Iran, against one of the very few Asian countries that are challenging the world establishment, the only country in the area that is achieving real autonomy and independence.

In the deviated vision of those intellectuals, Iran, the peaceful country that is neither attacking nor assaulting anyone, has become a great threat for humanity, and this is not all, they have turned themselves into real enemies of the revolution asking the Islamic state to grant the Iranians all the liberties the west is enjoying and has been enjoying for some time due to a leisured secured life granted itself by the colonization of poor countries on behalf of the powerful ones.

It is forbidden that Iran acquires- by peaceful means -the power that western countries have acquired through wars, colonization, and bloodshed, it is Iran that is repressing women, sentencing people to death, repressing freedom of expression and imprisoning people as if those things were not happening in the USA or in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. It is Iran that is singled out.

In all this, no one really knows what Iran is, no one seems to care that Iran presents a real alternative and a real model for countries striving for autonomy and independence. The reason that freedom is not flourishing and that- sometimes -drastic but appropriate measures are taken is due to the great threat that the country is undergoing, war threats, civil war threats, from USA from KSA, from Pakistan and, above all, from Israel, in addition to false flag revolutions, terrorist attacks, sectarian and ethnical manipulations, assassinations, electronic warfare, anti Iranian campaigns, sanctions of all kinds, the whole world is mobilized for a country that has not attacked any other, that is practicing its own right of developing nuclear energy and whose government has not transgressed any international law.

Compared the atrocities committed in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Palestine ,where international laws and human rights are being transgressed and violated every second, the measures taken by Iran to protect its right to exist amounts to nothing. Iran is living in great austerity, because of the immanent danger that is threatening it, in times of great austerities, when your basic right to exist is jeopardized, there is no room for frivolities nor for marginal liberties , nor for excess of freedom, these are times of sacrifice and hard work and giant efforts to protect one self and to build one’s own immunity.

Intellectuals living the leisurely life provided for them by the western system at the expense of poor colonized countries do not have the mental tool to understand the hardships undergone by poor countries in order to achieve a sort of autonomy and live somehow in dignity.

If those people of the west and east as well, if those leftist intellectuals were earnest, they would divert all their efforts into pressuring their governments and foreign governments to keep their hands off Iran and off the whole world and not cater to the greed and ambitions of these governments. To relieve the Iranian people from this constant threat, to stop targeting Iran in its right to exist and its right to grow strong and independent, to stop exposing Islam as breeding terrorism and terror states, is the only way to have Iranian people enjoy a more encompassing freedom and a wider margin of liberties, that is the only way western intellectuals can help Iranians, otherwise catering to the needs of extra freedoms- in these difficult times- would be fulfilling the wishes of the world establishment to see Iran grow week and dependent.

The western leftist intellectuals are invited to review their position and to rethink their choices and overcome their prejudices if they want to be fair. They are invited as well to study closely the Iranian model that presents a real alternative to the world’s present condition.


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