This is another attempt at having a somehow  permanent site or blog . Threats both identified and non identified caused the other blog on Word Press to be deleted . We will have to start from zero again. Especially that Face Book proved to be a hostile facility and environment with Zionists deciding to monitor the whole thing and blocking and deleting accounts .  In these times so many are conspiring against truth , mainly intellectuals and academicians and researchers whose basic role should have been to seek truth and highlight truth . They seem to be serving money and name and fame and material gain instead of serving truth. Had we had righteous intellectuals and thinkers , our condition would not have so much deteriorated , we would have preserved the essential , and defeated many schemes and conspiracies .But this is not so ; this so called “ intellectual elite” proved to be as corrupt as the others if not more , they have become the mouth piece of the establishment while hiding behind fake slogans . They have also left the society without proper guidance and victim to manipulation and disinformation. This site is an attempt at repairing things . Truth has only one version and one way, while lies and manipulations and falsities are multifaceted , they come in different dresses to sway as many people as possible . We will stick to truth , to the simple truth, and will try to overcome the obstacles and avoid any complacency or compromise .

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Sochi and Sochi and Sochi, and the 3 presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran are meeting now in the Russian resort with the absence of Syria of course and the presence of Erdogan . There is need to end the vast military operations, and the ceiling was to end the ISIS rule in the major`city of al Raqqa . Once this goal ` was achieved the war , or the vast military operations were no more needed says Putin .

Thus, the label of terror was restricted to ISIS and exclusive of the other terrorist factions and the end of Terror was limited to ousting ISIS from al Raqqa – their stronghold – which was considered enough to halt the military operations on a grand scale`and start determining the future of Syria in Russia, in the city of Sochi .

This is to say that with the exception of Aleppo where the Resistance was master on the ground , the military operations in Syria against so called terrorist groups were `Russian- US coordinated ; and it is this coordination that sent the Syrian Army east after the Liberation of` Aleppo to confront ISIS in the eastern desert between Tadmur and Deir Ezzor instead of heading north to Idlib and liberate Idlib as the forces of the Resistance wanted .

Thus , the ousting of ISIS from al Bukamal and Deir Ezzor ended somehow the vast military operations without ending the war, and was crowned with a so called victory that all are celebrating in one way or another. The war belligerents did not even wait for Idlib to be liberated from al Nusrat- that is`also considered terrorist by UN standards- in order to claim victory .

This whole maneuver, besides declaring a victory that is not real, consecrates a situation on the ground that is not to the advantage of the Syrian rule. And Syria will have to sit on the negotiation table with the opposition without having control over its territories, and with 4 deescalation zones that are no fly zones and under the control of various terrorist groups who seek self determination, and with Idlib under joint al Nusrat -Turkish control . This is definitely not a strong position for Syria to start with, and the achievement in Albukamal cannot make up for this shortcoming and put the Syrian rule at an advantage .This is a solution forced on Syria .

Nevertheless , victory has been declared without the war being over , and this in order to end the war and ask the fighters to leave, and now the military presence of Hizbullah and Iran in Syria will be assessed . Will the Axis of the Resistance survive after a new alliance is seeing light made of Russia, Syria, Iran , Turkey and others? .And why not continue the war and proceed with the negotiations like the Vietnamese did? Is Putin more knowledgeable than Ho Chi Minh? And what is the trip that we are embarking on?


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It is the 74th anniversary of the independence of Lebanon , the president of the Republic_ Genrral Aoun- has given a speech on the occasion . A very to the point speech where all the essentials were said mainly that the independence is not a past event but a continuous process, The president called for unity and solidarity among the Lebanese that can assure the security of the country and defeat all the conspiracies bringing up both the israeli violations and threats and the terrorist threat asking the right question about who brought the terrorists to Lebanon and who funded them and supplied them and trained them? The president said that whoever deals `with Lebanon would have to do this using wisdom and would have to prove his concern by respecting the unity of Lebanon and refraining from sowing discord or pushing for fitna . The president defined thus the relation between Lebanon and the Arab countries and called for theArab League to retrieve its initial role of solving the problems of the region . This comes after the Arab League labeled the Lebanese Resistance that is part of the government as terrorist.الرئيس-عون-في-كلمة-الاستقلال–لقد-دفعنا-جميعاً-أغلى-الأثمان-كي-يعود-الاستقلال-عيداً-بعد-أن-كان-ذكرى

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At the same time Assad is celebrating in Russia the so called victory over ISIS together with Putin , general Suleimani is also celebrating in a letter addressed to leader Khaminai the final victory over ISIS ~and has explained in a long letter what ISIS did and the importance of overcoming such evil. . It seems there is an agreement between Iran, Syria and Russia to market this achievement regarding ISIS ` as a real final victory whereby Suleimani goes on expounding this victory, and showing himself posing in pictures with other fighters trying to give credibility to an event around which there is serious doubt .

This is how`Suleimani and Assad together with Putin and probably Erdogan decided to end the battle before the battle ends , and to reap victory when victory was not reaped . Israel has also played its part in this production by saying that Syria had liberated 90% of the Syrian soil which is a lie of course because the rule does not control this much land . This is all staged in order to prepare for the` withdrawal of the`forces of the`Resistance for which this` premature victory has been declared. so that the battle`ends on a victorious note .

Seeing things under this light will explain many things in Sayyed’s speech yesterday . First, the insistence on saying that only the`Khilafa project has`ended and not ISIS that will survive, and second, his insistence on finding out the origins of ISIS and who ISIS is , who created it and funded it and sustained it because this is` the`real enemy that we have to unmask and the real the perpetrator. It is obvious that Sayyed is willing to accommodate this deal although he is not part of it .

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We are`at a`cross point in the struggle, and the deescalation zones have become a fact, and it is meaningful that the victory over ISIS is being announced from Russia, and not from Syria after being announced from Beirut. Each will celebrate this`victory alone if victory there is . It is better to speak about a limited achievement which is the defeat of the Islamic state, of the Khilafa project so to speak . Sources say that the Russian airforce will not be of any use after ISIS has been ousted from its stronghold of al Raqqa and al Bukamal, and that the battles are almost over . The war is not over though and Sayyed yesterday said that ISIS will come dressed differently . Why are they speaking of victory when the US affiliated forces of the SDF are`occupying more than third of the country and there is fear that ISIS joins the SDF? Why they are pretending this is because they want Iran and Hizbullah out of both Syria and Iraq and that is` why israel has joined the chorus saying that Syria has retrieved 90 or even 98% of the `Syrian soil which is a falsity of course . This is to give us the impression that the ` war is over and that there are no more battles and the political process will start . This is clearly what the Syrian rule wants and it is Russia that will be in charge of pursuing the political process and not the Axis of the Resistance



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Assad visits Putin in Sochi and attends a close meeting between Putin and military chief commanders which is something exceptional that does not happen usually , and Putin congratulates Assad on his victory in Albukamal. This comes directly after Sayyed’s speech who spoke about a close withdrawal from Iraq , and directly after the statement issued by the israelis that said that Assad is victorious and is controlling 90% of the Syrian soil, we don’t know if the 100% of Syria’s soil meant by israel includes the Golan Heights, probably not . No doubt Assad will be communicated the settlement plan worked out by US and Russia concerning Syria. Assad is not going to Sochi as part of the Axis of the Resistance, this is for sure, and this does not mean necessarily that the war in Syria is close to the end , it means that we starting a new chapter that has already been written by the powers who have started all this


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Assalamu Alaykum

there are developments that required that i address you. We commemorate the death of our Prophet and i present my deep condolences to all. May God guide us to follow his steps . Also condolences regarding al Mujtaba and Imam al Rida also to the victims of the Earthquake in Iran and i present my condolences to leader the president the parliament and the families of the victims . May the injured heal quickly . today the leader visited the afflicted area .This relation between the people and the state should be a model for all.

First i will speak about the achievement on the borders between Iraq and Syria. We witnessed lately the liberation of the last district that was occupied by ISIS in Iraq , and ISIS fled in the desert and ISIS is done with as an organization and we are waiting for the news where total victory over ISIS will be declared in Iraq . We had sent a great number of leaders and experts and commanders upon their request to Iraq . We will assess the situation and see to bring back home all those who helped over there after the mission has BEEN ACHIEVED. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ARAB LEAGUE but with the end of our task.

There is Albukamal also which is the last resort of ISIS in Syria. It is a frontier town next to al Qa’im and now is free from ISIS , the Albukamal under Syrian control and the al Qa’im under Iraqi control , the Islamic State is over with the fall of Albukamal. the state but not the organization itself . THE ISLAMIC STATE IS OVER, THIS IS THE IMPORTANCE OF AL BUKAMAL .The threat is still there and ISIS is still in Syria in al Yarmuk , on the Euphrates and near Damascus.

When the Iraqis and the Syrians declare their victory over ISIS we will need to celebrate the victory on those who distorted the Religion of the Prophet of God . What is required is to find who created and financed and sustained ISIS and who fought ISIS. in Albukamal the US did everything beside entering the battle to help ISIS, they gave ISIS free movement in the whole area to the east of the Euphrates and full protection from the air and forbid air strikes on ISIS and threatened to strike whoever raids ISIS, and they provided air cover and intelligence information and helped them supply themselves with weapons and helped ISIS electronically by sabotaging the means of communications. Then, when ISIS was defeated they helped ISIS out to take refuge elsewhere where SDF is. There is no surprise if ISIS shave their beards and join the SDF which works under US orders This is real scandal and this should be known how US helps ISIS.

i address all those who fought this battle in the desert in hard conditions, and salute them and salute the families of the martyrs, i thank heartily the leader of the Qods Brigade Hajj Qassem Suleimani .General Suleimani was the one who monitored the whole operation in al Bukamal and he is still there. It is our duty to thank the Islamic Republic because Iran stood with Syria and Iraq and Lebanon in the battle against ISIS. After God, we should thank the Islamic Republic: its leader and rule and people , and leader Suleimani was in the front lines

the Arabs of Riyad wanted to put rules to fight ISIS in 2018, but ISIS is defeated before that. This is not over but we have to get rid of all the other terrorists because ISIS might come back dressed differently. About the Conference of Sharm el Sheikh they spoke about three groups Iran, Ansarullah, and Hizbullah i will answer on behalf of Hizbullah . At the same time we were defeating ISIS in Albukamal we were accused of being terrorists , and so was Iran, also the Russians should be thanked for their role and this is of course a US agenda to label people as terrorist as they put Abu Mahdi al Muhandis and other groups of the Popular Crowd and those who fought ISIS on the terrorist list . this seems to be a God’s arrangement .

Ya’loon said that al Jubair is saying in Arabic what we say in Hebrew i tell them that we did not send weapons to Yemen nor to al Bahrain , we have not sent weapons to any Arab country at all and we have sent Cornett missiles to Palestine and we are proud of this . Who protects Lebanon is the Resistance . The Resistance weapons is a major factor in securing and stabilizing Lebanon, and this is thanks to the Resistance weapons, if you want Lebanon to be secured then Leave Lebanon alone and don’t send your terrorists here , and don’t ask israel to attack us, and Lebanon will be fine and Lebanon has everything, just leave Lebanon alone.

Why they gathered is not because of what happened in Palestine but because of the missile that hit Riyad . The Resistance has nothing to do with this missile, and this because the Saudis look down on the Yemenis and they do not believe that the Yemenis can do produce weapons . This is because they think that the Yemenis are like themselves unable to do anything and they want to blame Iran. i ask those who rallied for the missile speaking about the Arab national security . Isn’t Yemen an Arab country to be part of this security ? Aren’t the Saudi jet fighters raiding everyday everywhere? are the Yemenis Persians, are they from Iran, haven’t they seen the children ?
if they are not Arabs , aren’t they human , even the UN is telling about this. It is forbidden to say anything about Yemen because then we are exposing Lebanon, i ask all just that this war stops as humans as Muslims as Arabs , why keep silent? this war should stop , the massacres the hunger. All should ask Saudis to stop this war , no need to fight the Saudis , but it is necessary to ask that this war stops. i thank the Palestinian factions for defending the Resistance, they seek to liquidate the Palestinian cause , the Palestinians have a great challenge to meet in what is going on in terms of normalization and they have to remain united , if they remain united they can face the challenge about the resignation , we consider that we still have a Prime minister and we wait for his return to find out . Al Bukamal is not the last victory , i thank all those who stand by the Resistance


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it seemed that despite the problems that the Resistance is facing everywhere , despite the latest developments in Lebanon and the conference of the`Arab League that is nothing but a conspiracy , it is Syria that hurts the Resistance most, and this is clear from Sayyed’s`words . The engagement in Syria of the Resistance is deep , there were too many sacrifices and no real victory to compensate.

Sources say that there were too many martyrs when al Bukamal fell the first time and had to be retrieved, and the Resistance lost too many freedom fighters in this battle where maybe the whole thing was a set up , to hurry to the borders with Iraq, and cut through ISIS in a`way to have ISIS in one’s back . Sayyed says that if ISIS is over as an organization , ISIS is not over, and the US might blow life into ISIS again .

It transpires that it is not easy to be in Syria`or in Iraq, as it is not easy also to deal with Iran probably because it is difficult for the Resistance to coordinate with countries, and it should not be required that the Resistance coordinates with countries or with armies as is happening in Syria . The secret of the success of the Resistance in Lebanon is that it coordinated with no one, and was master of itself . The Resistance cannot be subject to politics and to political maneuvers, but should remain free to act The Resistance is trying in Syria to protect itself and it is forbidden for example that the Resistance people have any direct dealing the Russians in Syria , but this does not apply to Syrian rule or to the Iraqi rule for instance .

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