This is another attempt at having a somehow  permanent site or blog . Threats both identified and non identified caused the other blog on Word Press to be deleted . We will have to start from zero again. Especially that Face Book proved to be a hostile facility and environment with Zionists deciding to monitor the whole thing and blocking and deleting accounts .  In these times so many are conspiring against truth , mainly intellectuals and academicians and researchers whose basic role should have been to seek truth and highlight truth . They seem to be serving money and name and fame and material gain instead of serving truth. Had we had righteous intellectuals and thinkers , our condition would not have so much deteriorated , we would have preserved the essential , and defeated many schemes and conspiracies .But this is not so ; this so called “ intellectual elite” proved to be as corrupt as the others if not more , they have become the mouth piece of the establishment while hiding behind fake slogans . They have also left the society without proper guidance and victim to manipulation and disinformation. This site is an attempt at repairing things . Truth has only one version and one way, while lies and manipulations and falsities are multifaceted , they come in different dresses to sway as many people as possible . We will stick to truth , to the simple truth, and will try to overcome the obstacles and avoid any complacency or compromise .

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The Rohingya agenda is a world order agenda , stirred by the world order at the time and place and in the manner that serves the World Order who seeks to instigate religious and sectarian fitna . and sow differences for the purpose of intervention and partition .

The Rohingyas who are oppressed people are not masters of their cause and not the owners of the cause whose fate lies in Saudi and sectarian hands and in NATO hands. The headquarters of the Rohingya – al Yaqeen movement- is in Riyad and made up of 20 Rohingya members . The Rohingya issue is not a local issue but a global issue and it is wrong to picture it otherwise . There are global forces manipulating both parties for some propose which is to create a religious alignment against the Buddhists, and a sectarian alignment also since the Rohingyas are presented as belonging to a certain sect of Islam .

Unfortunately, people like Grossman have subscribed for some reason to this `global agenda concerning the Rohingyas picturing the fight to be a religious internal fight overlooking the global powers that are the real hand behind this.upheaval . This is what Barry Grossman is doing he will not give this fight its real dimension but insists on hiding it , and when asked why he is hiding this dimension that no one can hide, he will not answer and insists on his view point that this is an internal fight with the local government where the Buddhist monks are implicated .

Shame on this person for `serving this agenda that fuels religious hatred. These converts to Islam are strange people indeed , they don’t come to Islam to learn but to teach, and they think they qualify to lead others . This happens all the time , they feel superior and want to impose their view even if erroneous, and God knows if they have not converted for some purpose to be used against Islam, and there is more than a case regarding this matter.


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The lies spewed by al Barazani are beyond expectation . Not a word of truth was spoken by this World Order pawn . He is like his masters and has learned to lie from them to the point of becoming a professional liar . The truth is that we are being taken on a ride, and this referendum will not change anything , partition has already happened but the World Order wants to stir passions : Kurds against Arabs, and Arabs against Kurds, and Turks against Kurds, and the opposite also, and Kurds against Iranians also . This has reached a point where Ankara has directed its missiles towards Irbil .

This is another alignment they are working on against the Kurds this time, and Iran has closed its air space before flights coming from Kurdistan . The world order is` working on this alignment against the Kurds and hopes to invest in it . All these are tensions fed by the the World Order , whether the US-Russian tension witnessed before, or the Turkish-Russian previous tension two years ago, or the US-North Korea tension or the Saudi – Qatari escalation, including the Myanmar- Rohingya fight, all this has for author the one World Order .

The Barazani lied about everything: the revenues , the oil , the ISIS , Sinjar and everything else . Why the Barazani is not getting his share from the national budget is because he is not giving the government its share from the oil sells of Kirkook- or 25% of the oil of Iraq – that Irbil smuggles to israel via Turkey, and about Sinjar , it is the Peshmerga that handed in Sinjar to ISIS , and this by the Izadis testimony, and why the Peshmerga is not getting its pay because it is occupying Kirkook that is not part of Kurdistan and has mixed ethnic groups , and so many things the rascal lies about like a real world order appointed stooge .

Barazani’s rule , has expired , and the Kurdistan parliament term had expired 22 months before, but Barazani will not call for elections for fear of losing them, and he is not in the right position to criticize the Iraqi government for not being democratic.

Barazani insists on having his referendum not because it will lead necessarily to partition, though this might happen, but because the world order is working towards a broad alignment against the Kurds in order to further destabilization . Barazani insists on the referendum that starts tomorrow, and the israeli flags are already flying in the skies of Irbil in order to strengthen the Muslim and Arab alignment against the Kurds.

Had Iraq won the war against ISIS really and actually, this separatism of Kurdistan would not have been possible. This separatism is a US scheme, and another war launched against Iraq against its unity and sovereignty . Certainly Barazani is violating the Iraqi constitution to which the Kurds had significantly contributed and certainly this will have for effect to shore up Barazani nationally who is facing many internal problems .

This move will echo everywhere and will reflect wherever there are Kurdish minorities, and Kurds will be used to destabilize the societies they live in.

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Bismillah wal hamdulillah wassalamu alaykum
Assalamu ala Abi Abdillah
i start exposing the story and then we draw the lesson
the Rasul left Mecca to Medina. why Medina
because Medina was a hosting environment , not like Ta’if
The Nusrat or support of the Rasul starts with al Medina
this was full of blessings
and led to prosperity
Medina or Yathrib or al Medina , a small city in the desert that was not a center , the center was Mecca
everything was in Mecca , trade and religion and Quraish also
Medina rated third maybe after Ta’if
It had many problems tribal and other and suffered instability
the Jews were powerful and also had the money due to the riba
the Medina was not in its best condition
but when it hosted the Rasul and supported him this brought prosperity and the Medina became the center of attention
the cultural center and became the place of knowledge and dialogue and political strength
the Jews lost their control and was it was the platform for the message to reach other places
their takleef was not just to believe in the message but to fight also and support and defend
After 50 years al Hussain was in al Medina and he received the news that Mu’awiya was dead and Yazeed had to be consecrated
The Imam had to pay allegiance to Yazeed

The people of al Medina knew very well Yazee, and Yazeed was not unknown, and Mo’awiya worked hard to make him heir to the throne
the Imam knew that he could no pay allegiance
the Ahlul Medina did not try to convince him to stay where he belonged . They let him go.
One of the Merits of Medina is that the Rasul decided to return to it and die in it
Also the people of Mecca did not prevent him from leaving , they offered to him to pacify with the ruler of Mecca which he refused
the people of Koufa summoned him
going back to al Medina, in year 63 or 2 years after the martyrdom of the Imam . There was a problem in al Medina
and this is certified by all those who wrote history
An incident happened after which the people of al Medina removed the ruler for some reason and informed Yazeed about it.
some people say that the difference was due to a problem between the ruler and some elite whose money the ruler had kept
another version say that the people of al Medina knew of the corruption of Yazeed and they spread the word and the people were revolted and they removed the ruler for this reason
the first version makes more sense
All in all, the al Medina rose against the ruler
And Yazeed decided to teach them a lesson
Ibn Ziad had the mission to subdue al Zubair and the people of al Medina also
Ibn Ziad did not want to take the job in al Medina so he nominated Muslim Bin ‘Aqaba for the job
Muslim bin Uqba took control of the city and was free to do anything in the Medina for 3 days by Yazeed licence
they , stole and killed and raped and entered the Mosque of the Prophet while riding their horses and their mules and insulted the Rasul.
An Army of 12 thousands they were

Then, Muslim said that al Medina had to pay allegiance to Yazeed again .
They wanted them to pay allegiance as slaves to Yazeed and offer him their money, children and wives , and these are the progeny of the Muhajirun and al Ansar that had to do this.
in 3 days he killed 10 thousands and 700 from the Ulemas
Muslim died on the way back and he was satisfied with what he did.
Imam Zain al Abideen was spared in all this
The new ruler of al Medina burned the Ka’ba . After that Yazeed died and Abdel Malik bin Marwan who succeeded him sent al Hajjaj to Mecca to assault it and defeated al Zubayr

If the people of al Medina had supported the Imam the same way they supported the Rasul
and if the people of Mecca did the same and those of al Koufa also
Many things would have changed and the Medina would not have suffered and so many things would have changed had al Hussain been supported
but this did not happen
on this lower level so many things would have changed

let us move to our days
the British decided to give Palestine to the Jews to establish their Jewish state at the turn of the last century
the Arabs were busy fighting the Ottomans
the Arabs were deceived by the British
Some of them fought along the British
the Reference in al Najaf and Karbala called to fight the British along the Ottomans
All were busy doing something else. As a result , israel was created and the region is still suffering from israel
after that there was the 67 war and the 1982 invasion
there was a Resistance in Lebanon that grouped all and which we look up to,
and then, Hizbullah took the lead and the Resistance defeated the purpose of the enemy
if it weren’t for the Resistance , israel would have started building settlements and the prisons would have been filled with Lebanese
the Haqq was supported thus, and the enemy defeated, and Lebanon safe.
in 2011, from the beginning we knew that there was a takfiri assault we were subject to
thousands of takfiris flocked to Syria
Trump himself said that the USA created ISIS and the US sustained and armed and supplied terrorists
If people had nor rallied to fight what do you think would have happened?
the duty dictates that the battle be fought
At this precise moment the religious reference said that your duty is to fight and defend
What would have happened
Now Iraq is almost clean of ISIS
People should grow aware , those who will not support al Hussain and those who will not send their children with him , their children were killed and their women raped and their money gone because they will not support al Hussain
if people did not sacrifice if the Iraqis and Iranians did not fight , what would have happened

to be up to one’s Takleef is what is required , otherwise great misery will follow. Assuming one’s duty is necessary to avoid bad repercussions at this lower level of existence – at least- not to speak of the other


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While we speak of victory and of ending the conflict , it is escalation and mobilization that we are witnessing in fact in Syria and Iraq. The Kurds are determined to obtain their state and nothing will stop them , or they will use the result of this referendum as a card to obtain what they want . The president of Iraq – Fuad Ma’soum- said that after the referendum he will leave Baghdad for Irbil and will issue a Kurdish passport for himself . Already, some of the Peshmerga have joined the israeli army to get some training while ISIS in Iraq were all evacuated from Talla’far to Kurdistan .

The israelis are strongly backing a Kurdish state . Nevertheless, this might all be a false flag, and the referendum will not lead basically to the actual separation or to the change of the constitution . Kurdistan is already separate , and is hosting ISIS and also hosting Zionists who have established spying devices to spy on Iran from Kurdistan, and they are living off the oil that they steal from Kirkook and smuggle to israel through Turkey. They are also expanding their territory to include the rich province of Kirkook that has a mixed population of Kurds and Arabs . So, this separation of Kurdistan is`already a fact on the ground, and the massacre of the Izadis – allowed by the Peshmerga in 2014- was in order to annex`Sinjar to the Kurdish` so called separate state .

Thus, the referendum will not change anything and this is believed to be a world maneuver to allow the Turks to take Idlib , `and to control Idlib in exchange for a separate Kurdistan for the Kurds , and a Turkish military delegation has arrived to Idlib for this purpose after the massacre the religious references of al Nusrat who were killed in an ambush in Idlib in order to free the thugs and reorganise the al Nusrat ranks .

Let us not forget that it is the Russian-US equation that is ruling Syria and its goal is escalation and destabilization under the label of fighting ISIS. The Kurds who were since long kept in disdain by the Arabs and marginalized will not get anything from all this , and- whether in Syria or in Iraq- their separate state is not sure to materialize or survive , they are simply being used as tools for the predator, and we are being again taken in another direction far from the surrender of Syria to its many enemies and far from the israeli strikes on Syria that have increased lately .


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Why Sayyed is bringing up this matter of ordained duty in his yesterday speech is for a reason . When Sayyed brings up a matter , it is always for a reason . Is Sayyed trying to justify something? Sayyed usually does not try to justify things because what Sayyed usually says or does , does not need justification and is` already justified . But now, there is a situation like in Syria where the Resistance is fighting a war that is not one, and has to pose as victorious in a battle that has not taken place, with partners that coordinate with US and israel, and where the Resistance does not hold any power of decision , and is not to decide for anything but only to operate under the Syrian commandment , The Resistance also has to offer martyrs in a place where there is no real victory , and has to trade this for that, and enter into a form of bargain with the Syrian rule because Syria has become a big market with shareholders . This situation is complex and needs to be explained somehow, and the Resistance cannot leave Syria even in such circumstances. Maybe Sayyed needs to justify this and to explain the presence of the Resistance in Syria in these circumstances by the concept of ordained duty or Takleef . meaning that the Resistance is doing in Syria is what the Resistance should do .and has to accommodate the different parties and adjust to the complex situation , not because the Resistance is weak because the Resistance is as strong as ever but it is not required that the Resistance exercises this strength now .We are just speculating , but we believe that these are circumstances that the Resistance has never been through . It is enough that a Resistance field commander appeared in public and delivered a speech on al Mayadeen TV in an innovation that never happened before and that seemed to have been seemingly imposed on the Resistance through pressures by its partners on the battlefield. That this appearance was endorsed by the Resistance does not mean that the Resistance approves of it.


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Unbelievable what is happening in Syria . The SDF has attacked the Syrian Army and shelled its positions in Deir Ezzur after the Syrian Army has progressed in the province to control up to 75% of it , and the Syrian army has retaliated as it seems and we are up to a syrian Army /SDF confrontation. that intersects with the Baghdad /Irbil confrontation .

Yesterday , the Syrian Army had to ward off an attack on Hama by al Nusrat thugs, and today it was targeted by the SDF . Just now, the ISIS thugs reached an agreement with the SAA to evacuate the outskirts of Hama and to head to Deir Ezzur which is surprising since the Syrian Arab Army is controlling from than 75% of the province and will control it all soon as predicted while the Kurds have controlled al Raqqa. So what ISIS is`to do in Deir Ezzur ? Most Probably it will head from Deir Ezzur to Iraq , to al Anbar which is where ISIS is gathering again according to sources .Chased from al Mosul to Deir Ezzur where it kept the Syrian Army busy, then back to al Anbar again where it will keep the Iraqi Army busy . This is the cat and mouse play .

This is Tom and Jerry by Hollywood . ISIS leaves from the door and comes back from the window . There is one master behind all this who is moving all the pawns – including the Syrian Army – from here to there and from there to here. This is what is happening . There are practically no battles in order not to have ISIS defeated, but ISIS is moved from place to place , evacuated from here and sneaked in there again . This is what the US and Russian and Turkish and other belligerents are doing in Syria and Iraq , and God knows if this referendum drama in Irbil is not in order to sneak ISIS in al Anbar when all are busy with the Kurdish controversy and this is happening . When this game will end no one knows . The one that pulls the strings will decide .

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Assalamu Alayka ya sayyidi abi abdullah
Assalamu ala al Hussain
we congratulate all Muslims on this new year 1439 of Hijra
May this be the year of steadfastness and victory
Our condolences to al Mahdi the son of al Zahraa;’
we offer our condolences for what has happened to al Hussain
in a day like this day in year 61 of al Hijra
with everything that this event represents
we will try to draw conclusions that we will try to project on out actual condition
this night is the night of the Hijra
the Rasul is from Mekka and lived in Mekka except for the last ten years , even after opening Mekka the Rasul will go back to al Madina where he passed away and where he is buried
is the prophet for all but he started from Mekka since Mekka is the center of the Arab Peninsula religiously culturally .
is the last Prophet and the Quran is the last book
Came for all humanity until the end of days

this message will start from Mekka and will continue till doom’s day
this responsibility was the Prophet’s responsibility and was enormous
the Rasul was qualified for carrying on this responsibility
fully qualified for this mission , the highest degree of knowledge and courage and determination and ethics
this was the takleef of the Prophet
This message was addressed to individuals first , but started one by one , starting with Khadija and number of people believed , then Bani Hashem that is the tribe
Bani Hashem were addressed after that
This lasted years until he addressed Quraish and addressed the people of Mekka
In Mekka , this was the peaceful call , dialogue , speech , exchange . This peaceful stand was met with persecution , and harassment and boycott
This was expected , because the Prophet was seeking to operate a total change . This is why many showed their enmity
this was a real problem and they were pagans and inviting them to worship the one God was not easy
the logic of the Prophet was sound but was met with fanaticism
and because of all the other issues of women and slaves there was confrontation
the Prophet did not resort to arms even though they were committing crimes against him and his people
He stayed in Mekka until they conspired to kill him , this is when he left for Medina to be able to continue his mission
In Medina also , he did not resort to arms but organized life there and half the community had embraced Islam

Mekka would not leave the Prophet alone , and they continued tracking him and they liquidated those among Mekkans who followed him
Then the Aya descended to allow armed struggle
and then the Prophet established the agreement of Hudaibiyya
war was not a goal in itself and should not be . war is a means and not a goal
the agreement of Hudaibiuyya allowed the Prophet to reach to others
After that Quraish faulted and Mekka was conquered as a result
and After that the Prophet passed away and put everything in order . he performed his duty to the end without leaving anything behind
in Medina we speak about the heroism of the Rasul , does this mean that in Mekka the Rasul was not a hero?
did the Rasul not long for heaven when he was in Mekka ?
No , but this was not his takleef
like he was in Medina , he was in Mekka but what he was ordained in Mekka was different from what he was ordained in Medina

Divine Duty should be performed
there is no absolute duty , duty is different for each
As for Imam Hussein when he assumed his duty after the martyrdom of Imam al Hassan .
10 years he spent under Mu’awiya
who usurped power and Imam al Hassan handed the power to Mu’awiya , he handed in the rule but not the imama

Banu umayya had control over everything
who rules the Umma during this period is the Tulaqaa’ and their sons and not the Sahaba, neither the Ansar nor the Muhajiroon nor ahlul Bayt ruled
It is the sons of the corrupt who raised hell for the Rasul who ruled
al Hussain chose not to confront directly Mu’awiya because he did not want to break the treaty with Mu’awiya even though Mu’awiya broke every term of the treaty
despite this both al Hassan and al Hussain respected the treaty
until the death of Mu’awiya because time had not come yet
The Imam al Hussain was not idling but was constantly communicating with others and he used to expose the rule
Mu’awiya pressured in order to appoint his son as heir to the throne but the treaty said otherwise and al Hassan was to rule according to the treaty . Al Hassan being martyred killed by Mu’awiya , it is al Hussain who was supposed to rule
After Mu’awiya died the duty of al Hussain became different and when he was asked to consecrate Yazeed as Caliph he refused
The takleef became different
after that

the Hussainy movement that confronted Yazeed was victorious
to commit oneself to one’s takleef led to the success of the Prophet’s project
and the Takleef of the Imam preserved the Religion
was the Imam who did not fight Mu’awiya different from the Imam who fought Yazeed ? not at all
people say that al Hassan signed the treaty with Mu’awiya because he did not want to fight . this is wrong , it is not because he did not want war or was not a warrior but because this was not the duty ordained to him
each person has his own takleef
Takleef is also for countries and different countries have different takleefs
the real Mujahid is the one who commits himself to his ordained duty whatever his duty is
al Hussain had the takleef after Yazeed ascended to power to fight and to fall martyr and to offer his whole family at the alter of the Karbalaa’
what motivates us is not war or fight or various tendencies what motivates us is our duty . If our duty is to fight we will fight , if it is to show patience we will show patience.
Our duty is what we have to find out
Assalamu alal Hussain wassalamu alaykum


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