This is another attempt at having a somehow  permanent site or blog . Threats both identified and non identified caused the other blog on Word Press to be deleted . We will have to start from zero again. Especially that Face Book proved to be a hostile facility and environment with Zionists deciding to monitor the whole thing and blocking and deleting accounts .  In these times so many are conspiring against truth , mainly intellectuals and academicians and researchers whose basic role should have been to seek truth and highlight truth . They seem to be serving money and name and fame and material gain instead of serving truth. Had we had righteous intellectuals and thinkers , our condition would not have so much deteriorated , we would have preserved the essential , and defeated many schemes and conspiracies .But this is not so ; this so called “ intellectual elite” proved to be as corrupt as the others if not more , they have become the mouth piece of the establishment while hiding behind fake slogans . They have also left the society without proper guidance and victim to manipulation and disinformation. This site is an attempt at repairing things . Truth has only one version and one way, while lies and manipulations and falsities are multifaceted , they come in different dresses to sway as many people as possible . We will stick to truth , to the simple truth, and will try to overcome the obstacles and avoid any complacency or compromise .

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israel is surprised about the intensity of the protests which were not expected whether in the West Bank or in Gaza . Yesterday protests`were not expected to take this turn of intense confrontations. Thousands of Palestinians took to streets`calling for unity from Tehran, to Palestine , to Yemen. 4 Martyrs and thousands of injured in Gaza and the West Bank . israel fears escalation especially on the Gaza front after 14 rockets reached the settlements coming from Gaza since Trump made hisdeclaration when the israelis`attacked the protesters causing at least 4 martyrs to fall. The iraelis`will avoid escalation on the Gaza front for this reason, and on other fronts also . This is to say that the israelis fear the extreme positions that the US administration is taking and that exposes them and their`security . Israel cannot afford any war with Gaza that will affect the settlements and target the settlers . The uprising will continue today in the West Bank and Gaza while bidding farewell to the martyrs`who fell in the confrontations, among them Martyr Freedom Fighter Ibrahim abu Thurayya who lost both legs in the confrontations of 2008 with israel and was the only survivor of his group of twelve and who today joined his comrades the martyrs in the highest abode inshAllah
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Carnage in Yemen and more than 20 civilians killed in US`-Saudi raid on Sa’da just this morning, and the victims are still under the rubble which means that the number will increase . This raised to 80 the number of victims on raids in Ta’izz and al Jawf , al Hudaida and Sa’da today and yesterday in a real massacre where all the victims are civilians . Sources say that israeli pilots are operating the F16 jet fighters and they are staying in KSA for this purpose . The Yemenis have warded off an attack on al Khawkha near al Hudaida causing a high number of victims among Mansur Hadi forces . that reached more than 200 which caused the~US-Saudi Coalition to increase its`air strikes and their goal is to reach al Hudaida and close the`sea port from where help is` reaching Yemen . The Coaltion is following a new`strategy after the conspiracy has failed in taking San’aa’ from within helped by Ali Saleh . They are trying instead to progress from the south towards al Hudaida first . In return , the Yemenis have launched a ballistic missile on a military center in Jizan that hit its target and caused losses . The Saudis had targeted few days ago a prison in San’aa’ where Yemeni prisoners from south Yemen probably were waiting to be exchanged against other prisoners . The Saudis did not want this deal to be carried of which they were not part. 45 were killed and others injured among prisoners. This not to speak of the blockade and the diseases and the famine that is threatening Yemen . Yemen needs support and solidarity AS IT SHOWED SOLIDARITY TO PALESTINE . PALESTINE SHOULD SHOW SOLIDARITY TO YEMEN.

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In the 2006 victory over israel Sayyed had offered this victory to Palestine saying that this victory is given to all for the taking , so it belongs to the Palestinians also. Sayyed wanted to convey this message that the liberation of Palestine and the victory over israel is practical and near, and could be achieved like the liberation of south Lebanon was achieved.

The eloquent message of Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah delivered in 2006 could not really reach , first there was no Lebanese consensus over the Resistance , and there were differences `among Lebanese regarding the Resistance, and the 2006 victory was not celebrated by a large portion of the Lebanese who on the contrary were betting on the enemy. The predators realized the danger that the Resistance represented as being a`source of inspiration to the Palestinians .

In order to separate between the Resistance and its Arab and Palestinian partners, the world order induced the`Arab Spring that focused on toppling rulers and creating internal protests that sought to destabilize the respective countries .This spring created the sectarian alignment in order to divide the people and isolate the Resistance, and succeeded to a great extent in creating a schism between the Resistance and the Arab masses,

The Resistance had to wait all these years- more than a decade- to have this obstacle removed thanks to certain factors that created the favorable conditions , among those the Syrian fiasco or the seven barren years, spent in fighting Terror in Syria without reaping tangible results. The Resistance was fighting in an alien environment where it did not have the say on the battle ground and where so many elements where entangled. At the the`same time, Trump made his declaration about Jerusalem .

The Resistance heard the call of Hussein from Palestine ‘ and decided to answer it. It was this call that brought the Resistance back to its environment .This is when Sayyed made his declaration of one enemy one front that found echo everywhere , and in Gaza particularly . For the first time in history, the Palestinians realized they were not alone but had a powerful Arab side behind them, and this had its repercussions on the ground in the extent and intensity of the protests that are not to be underestimated. The Palestinians as it were had a taste of victory .


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After Trump made his declaration about Jerusalem, three sides propped their heads grabbing the opportunity and they are : The BDS , Russia and Marwan al Barghouthi, and all three are candidates to play a role in the recent developments. The BDS will wage for its Boycott policy especially in these days where boycott is promoted and normalization exposed , except for the fact that BDS does not boycott israel itself because its recognizes israel, but boycotts the companies that deal with israel. They will boycott the vehicle that killed Rachel Corrie but not the soldier that operated the vehicle or the side that ordered him . This is BDS and they are known also for boycotting artists and academicians who visit or perform in israel, but they will not ask the governments to stop funding and supplying israel with weapons . It is as if israel lived out off Ford and Garnier and Soda Stream and Caterpillar , and not off the constant flow of money and weapons coming from the respective governments of US and Europe . This is BDS . It is the Apartheid agenda of turning the liberation issue into a civil rights issue , and the call for the one state called israel that will grant equal rights to both Palestinians and Zionist settlers . In its core, it is total normalization and recognition of the state of israel .

As for Russia , it is a different story . Russia , in the person of master Putin, is being prepared since long to play a role`regarding the Palestinian case , and has been the center of much activity regarding this issue . And the reason why Russians are saying they are withdrawing their troops from Syria because the war is over by their own saying is because Master Putin wants to prepare himself for the new challenge whereby he expects to be assigned the task of mediator in the Palestinian issue especially after Trump has been disqualified world wide . No doubt that Master Putin will show us the`same wonders that he showed us in Syria where he stripped Syria off its chemical arsenal upon israeli request , and then entered Syria with his weapon upon US assignment to internationalize the struggle on the Syrian soil and drown Syria in its own blood. Qualified by his excellent israeli relations , and the support of Lieberman and the Large Russian-israeli community, who serve in the israeli army as well as in the Russian army, Putin might be the ace of the new negotiations to be launched between the Palestinians and israelis . Putin has fared well in Syria by the world order standards by extending the war endlessly, and consecrating the presence of terrorists on the ground at least the moderate ones, and by inviting all to solve their differences on the Syrian soil.

Remains Marwan al Barghouthi , the Palestinian Mandela , and the Palestinian prisoner from Fateh who is being groomed in the israeli prisons in case the Apartheid /anti Apartheid agenda finds its` way through . The Palestinian Mandela who has been moved yesterday to solitary confinement to increase his credibility , will take after Mahmoud Abbas whose term might be expiring, and he will show the same wonders that BDS has been showing us, and they range from boycotting the dates of the West Bank in order to liberate Palestine , to linking the Palestinian rights to the gay rights or LGBT rights . No doubt, that true normalization, and abortion of the Resistance will try to find its way with the Mandela of Palestine , as it found its way with the Mandela of south Africa .

Another head might be propping that we forgot to mention is that of Mohammad Dahlan, but it is too early to decide where and when . Notice that for all three parties: the BDS. Putin and al Barghouthi , Jerusalem will not represent any hindrance because it will be part of the one israeli state . All three will fail no doubt , but they will stand in the way for some time to delay what is no doubt happening on the Palestinian scene and which was brought up by Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah in his latest speech.

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The poor decisions reached by the` Istanbul Conference will affect the protests in the streets . What the protesters needed is something else , is decisions like`closing the israeli embassies in the Muslim and Arab Countries , something that will be inspiring and will help the Palestinians hold the ground and continue the uprising , this is very much needed . This conference had ended up with a low ceiling that refuses the US declaration and asks the administration to revoke it and asks the countries to recognize the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and to support the Palestinian people . Very poor decisions indeed that are not satisfying and only God knows if Erdogan did not call for this urgent meeting in order to curb the protests in the streets and put this low ceiling that cannot be transgressed


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The Russian role in Syria is not enough highlighted , and it is a controversial role that is being obscured regarding the country that is being taken over by Russia. No one speaks about the hordes of terrorist thugs that Putin sent from Dagestan and Chechnya and other places to Syria via Turkey, and this upon Saudi request . This is something that should be highlighted that no one speaks about or brings up that Russia is a`sponsor of terror, and has sent thousands of terrorists to Syria before coming to Syria to fight them invited by the US administration . Russia is not different from US in this, or from certain European countries who sent terrorists in order to be able to fight them under the pretext that they are a threat to the security . Russia is being prepared for something bigger after it succeeded in infiltrating Syria and infiltrating the Axis of the Resistance and assuming the role of a pole to the world order . Syria has become an advanced Russian military base , and Russia is even closer to israel than USA , and the Russian community in israel is the largest , the two countries stand as one , and who knows how many israeli soldiers are already in Syria because the israelis who are of Russian origin and have a dual citizenship should serve in the`Russia Army as well , and they are part of this Army . These are questions that no one asks that israel might be already in Syria , instead , all are Rushing to hail Russia and hail the infiltrator Putin .This is a very dangerous situation especially that Putin is being promoted to meddle with the Palestinian issue and play the role of mediator after Trump was disqualified


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Mahmoud Abbas says that the Authority will not accept the congress decision, and considers that the Authority is free from its commitment , and that the congress considers the Palestinians`as terrorist while Palestinians`are part of the protocol signed between 82 countries against Terror with the US administration adding that the US is behind Terror . Then, Abbas speaks about the impunity of israel that violates all the UN resolutions and that it isTrump that is allowing this impunity now. Then he speaks about the Apartheid and how the Apartheid that was ended in South Africa is continuing in Palestine with 2 sets of laws one for the israelis and the other for the Palestinians , and how can the international community accept this? Abbas warned that this declaration will turn this struggle into a religious fight and will promote fanaticism and terror, and he invites all to come to al Qods, especially the Muslim Youth , and says this is not normalization but this is`support , He says also that Jerusalem is a red line . We stopped the security coordination since a month and will continue to work for reconciliation with Gaza said Abbas . Abbas did not revoke the recognition of israel on behalf of the Authority , and he invited the countries to recognize the state of Palestine with al Qods as its Capital . Mahmoud Abbas sets the ceiling for this conference which is to ask the US administration to revoke this declaration , and to put pressure on the International community to prevent this declaration from being carried on and pressure the United States in this direction. It is ` a low ceiling some how that many will not transgress
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