This is another attempt at having a somehow  permanent site or blog . Threats both identified and non identified caused the other blog on Word Press to be deleted . We will have to start from zero again. Especially that Face Book proved to be a hostile facility and environment with Zionists deciding to monitor the whole thing and blocking and deleting accounts .  In these times so many are conspiring against truth , mainly intellectuals and academicians and researchers whose basic role should have been to seek truth and highlight truth . They seem to be serving money and name and fame and material gain instead of serving truth. Had we had righteous intellectuals and thinkers , our condition would not have so much deteriorated , we would have preserved the essential , and defeated many schemes and conspiracies .But this is not so ; this so called “ intellectual elite” proved to be as corrupt as the others if not more , they have become the mouth piece of the establishment while hiding behind fake slogans . They have also left the society without proper guidance and victim to manipulation and disinformation. This site is an attempt at repairing things . Truth has only one version and one way, while lies and manipulations and falsities are multifaceted , they come in different dresses to sway as many people as possible . We will stick to truth , to the simple truth, and will try to overcome the obstacles and avoid any complacency or compromise .

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Those who think that the exchange of smiles between Jawad Zarif and Mogherini was due to a`certain chemistry between the two might be wrong. Everyone noticed the extensive exchange of smiles between the Iranian minister of foreign affairs- Jawad Zarif -and the European minister of foreign affairs -Federica Mogherini – during the nuclear talks and other encounters. And no doubt that the smiles Mogherini reserved to the Iranian minister must have played a role in favor of signing the nuclear deal . And when Mogherini came to Tehran on a diplomatic visit , her presence in the Iranian general assembly was certainly noticed , and Iranians – some of them religious Sheikhs dressed as such – rushed to have their selfies taken with the notorious`European minister .

This was a real sight , because one is not used to religious people behaving this way especially in Iran . Now, the nuclear deal is just a maneuver and is not for real. It is a maneuver to have Iran reachable and accessible to USA , and give USA power over Iran that it did not have before .
Now, US can withdraw from the agreement or threaten to withdraw or refuse to carry on the terms of the agreement or impose new conditions or simply delay its implementation endlessly and keep Iran in an undefined position .

It was not maybe such a good idea to flirt with Mogherini before the cameras and take Iran on this ride lead by the Italian blond minister.of European Foreign affairs. Iran had invested in this deal that is considered maybe among the rare achievements of the present rule . Now, Iran has serious economic , financial and even monetary problems that will not be solved any time soon, and the nuclear deal is neither implemented nor cancelled . The smiles of Mogherini did not serve Iran so much , they served the establishment for which Mogherini works . The blond minister had something else in mind other than the Iranian -European partnership when she smiled with her painted lips to Zarif and took selfies with the `Parliament members. Europe cannot act independently from US, and unless US commits itself to the deal, Europe will not act on its own and defect from its offspring .

Just in order to draw the parallel between Mogherini and another foreign lady, i will relate what happened yesterday on my wall when i posted pictures and videos of infiltrator on Iran – Catherine Shakdam – while she was laughing and making faces . One of my FB friends came and commented on my wall saying that he knew Catherine Shakdam and that Shakdam was serving Iran and serving humanity as well . This person who is a fervent supporter of Iran and of its leadership said something about Shakdam that i did not hear him say about the leader of Iran for example . This friend was ready to overlook everything i mentioned about Shakdam that was supported with evidence because he was captivated by her person. And her vulgar laugh and cheap behavior and talk – as shown by the video- did not make him change his mind. These infiltrators have been supplied with special weapons , designed especially to attract and attack Iranians . They have sent Barbies to Iran , and they have been successful so far .


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The massacres continued in Yemen together with the martyrdom of president al Sammad, and Yesterday a market was targeted in Hajja also that caused the death of 14 people and the injury of 25 , in addition to the`40 martyrs killed and the 64 wounded in the wedding ceremony in Hajja the day before yesterday . The genocide of the Yemeni people is continuing and the civilians are a target . The world will not lift one finger even if the last Yemeni dies , nor any one would care if they all died . For the world order and for many rulers and westerners and even Muslims and Arabs ` , the Yemenis are dispensable and no one cares whether they disappear from the planet . That is why this war is happening with no media coverage, and no one showing the atrocities that have exceeded any atrocity. The media is part of this conspiracy with the blackout imposed by the Media on Yemen. The Reason is that Yemen does not move in the orbit of the `world order, and for this reason , the world order wants to subjugate those who dare have a say or speak of sovereignty and independence while being poor and going barefooted. For the predator west , the Yemenis do not deserve to live , and for westerners in general there is hardly any Yemeni cause, and they hardly know anything about it and are very poorly informed- if informed at all – of what is happening . The Yemenis are facing alone the wholeworld in a total black out and this is what is allowing the massacres to continue .


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The Ansarullah warn and will retaliate by targeting heads of the enemy forces and commanders. Al Sammad martyrdom was a US conspiracy say Ansarullah who appointed Mehdi al Mashat at the head of the Supreme Political Council formed in 2016 with 10 members in order to administer the country . Born in 1979 aged 39 years al Sammad was born in Sa’da north of Yemen . Received his religious education at the hands of Sayyed Badreddine al Houthi . Studied also at the university of San’aa’ and received military training . Was counselor to Mansur Hadi when he was president . Headed the`Supreme Political Council in 2016 and was known for his great activity in the battlefield and his constant visits to the various fronts and his close supervision of the military arsenals of the Army and the development of missiles . Opened more than a front in order to keep the enemy busy especially in the north and has a big role in bringing the Yemenis together. Was martyred in al Hudayda last Thurday in a raid while he was visiting the front of al Hudayda and calling for the march of rifles in al Hudayda itself to be scheduled soon .

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The criminal world order is`working wonders in Yemen. Yesterday, a wedding ceremony was targeted in Hajja, and other places in Hajja were targeted too that caused the death of almost 70 Yemenis. A real Massacre committed by the Saudis and their masters in a province where the medical capacities are reduced to 50% of their original capacity and where there are no means even to reach the victims let alone to give them proper treatment . A real carnage committed by the`war criminals who are taking revenge on innocent civilians from their significant losses in Ta’izz and elsewhere

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Most shocking is`to see these hordes of terrorist thugs leaving safely on board of buses` with their family members and personal weapons leaving behind them all this destruction that extends to kilometers and kilometers of destroyed houses and leveled down buildings from which not even one was spared , It is like` a spreading disease that did not leave anything untouched but has contaminated everything , and after completing their mission of utter destruction , the terrorists were taken somewhere else to continue their task .. The shocking thing is that Syria has from the beginning subscribed to this terror/anti terror agenda for which it allowed so many thugs that count by tens of thousands to enter Syria unhindered without even trying to stop them or shell them or raid them .or arrest them or fight them . Never such a thing has ever been witnessed that is still unexplained. Why would a country that has an Army and an airforce allow such a thing? This is still a mystery and a riddle . Turning a blind eye on terrorist thugs has been going on for years on behalf of the rule and is not something new whereby the only real battle that happened was Aleppo in 2016 after al Qusayr in 2013 both started by the Lebanese Resistance


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LIke we saw the terrorist thugs enter Syria and Iraq in their rows of Toyota, vehicles now we see them roaming around on board of buses especially dispatched for them. It is`a strange scene indeed and a surrealistic`one . These convoys of terrorists were certainly not defeated , they are simply being relocated and who knows if their weapons that they were supposed to hand in to the Army will not follow them to their destination . It is`the`same transfer of terrorist thugs that we are witnessing that started in year 2012 from outside Syria across the borders to Syria`and to Iraq . It has not changed the least and the departing terrorist thugs will go to feed the Turkish proxies in Idlib and Jarablus . They will still fight the Syrian Army in all cases and those who have chosen to stay and not to leave and who will join the Syrian Army they , represent also a danger and a threat by being integrated in the Army without punishment and they will infest the Army from the inside, and will create a real problem . These thugs should be defeated in order to be neutralized and done with , but somehow the world order is not allowing this`defeat , and the Russian belligerent is here to make sure that the terrorist thugs are not defeated but monitored according to the world order needs and requests . The same party that introduced the terrorist thugs to Syria is still monitoring them inside Syria .

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When the leader delivered his speech on spies and agents infiltrating Iran , he was addressing the Iranian security staff, and also addressing the government of Iran . The leader did not raise this issue before, but now, it seems the problem has become acute and needed to be addressed directly. Someone is turning a blind eye on the Mosquedas and the Shakdams and the Hassanallys allowing them to operate . And we find those infiltrators everywhere . They are right in the leader’s office , in Khamina’i ir where Shakdam and Mosqueda write and in Tasnim and elsewhere and they operate from these places . And while people tend to think that Iran has draconian measures that should inspire fear in everyone , the sad truth is that Iran has become the haven of infiltrators. These infiltrators like Mosqueda who are on the Soros agenda do not show their real colors , we see them standing for the Revolution and with hard liners rather than with the moderates or the reformists in Iran , this way they think they can hide better their affiliations . Mosqueda had a special group called ” Solidarity to Revolutionaries of Iran ” which calls for standing with the Revolution , at the same time she is connected to Green infiltrator Wahid Azal who openly calls for deposing the theocracy in Iran and doing away with the leadership . Such contradiction is only found in infiltrators. Shakdam also shows her conservative tendencies and her taste goes to hardliner presidential candidate Ra’ isi rather than to reformist Sheikh Rouhani. The truth is that the commitment of these infiltrators goes to the party that hired them and that is outside Iran . No doubt , the policy of openness followed by the government of Iran is accountable and should answer for the extent of infiltration in Iran especially in the media
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