This is another attempt at having a somehow  permanent site or blog . Threats both identified and non identified caused the other blog on Word Press to be deleted . We will have to start from zero again. Especially that Face Book proved to be a hostile facility and environment with Zionists deciding to monitor the whole thing and blocking and deleting accounts .  In these times so many are conspiring against truth , mainly intellectuals and academicians and researchers whose basic role should have been to seek truth and highlight truth . They seem to be serving money and name and fame and material gain instead of serving truth. Had we had righteous intellectuals and thinkers , our condition would not have so much deteriorated , we would have preserved the essential , and defeated many schemes and conspiracies .But this is not so ; this so called “ intellectual elite” proved to be as corrupt as the others if not more , they have become the mouth piece of the establishment while hiding behind fake slogans . They have also left the society without proper guidance and victim to manipulation and disinformation. This site is an attempt at repairing things . Truth has only one version and one way, while lies and manipulations and falsities are multifaceted , they come in different dresses to sway as many people as possible . We will stick to truth , to the simple truth, and will try to overcome the obstacles and avoid any complacency or compromise .

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Finally, they came together: Iraq and Saudi Arabia after more than 15 years since the US soldiers crossed to Iraq from the Gulf countries . Since then, the Saudi interference in Iraq never stopped, they – the Saudis- literally drowned the country in blood. They targeted both – the Sunnis and the Shi’as- and the sectarian warfare goes back to these very early days .

This conspiracy against Iraq never stopped after the conspiracy against Iran also lead and promoted by KSA in a bloody war that cost a million deaths . And last but not least , the introduction of ISIS into Iraq that is financed and sustained by KSA.

In return , KSA is being rewarded by Iraq that is normalizing with the enemy by starting the Saudi- Iraqi Coordination Council . This will take Iraq very far because the Saudis intend to start relations with israel officially . All this while KSA is still pounding Yemen and killing Yemenis by the hundreds in a real genocide with the help of USA .It seems we have in al Abadi a new Mandela that is ready to sacrifice the Iraqi Resistance like Mandela sacrificed the South African Revolution.

This shows that Muqtada al Sadr was not singing a lonely tune , he was rather singing in unison with the rule , and now after securing Iraq’s unity , thanks to the Iranians, this unity will be offered to KSA who is among those who encouraged separatism and kept close relations with al Barazani . And to what avail is this rallying against the Kurdish -israeli affiliations if this is going to lead to normalizing with KSA?

All this means that the US is not close to leave Iraq any time soon, and that its forces will not leave Iraq nor Syria . The question is what will the Popular Crowd do who will not accept a US military presence in Iraq . Next on the list of normalization is probably Syria, and it is expected to see Assad in Riyad soon . The Saudis are already in Syria offering to rebuild al Raqqa.

What we need to start with , is another Muntazar al Zaidi who will throw his shoes at the face of the predators and their agents

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al Raqqa in numbers


While we were busy rallying for the Rohingyas , and crying over their fate , 400 thousand Syrians from al Raqqa were displaced and relocated to camps outside the city . 2000 were killed and twice as much injured , and the`city totally destroyed. Its roads, its buildings , all its schools and its hospitals . There is`absolutely nothing left from al Raqqa , due to theCoalition strikes. All The bridges that link the province to the rest of the country were totally destroyed. The coalition committed a real crime and emptied the city from its population and instead of preparing for their return , the US invited to Al Raqqa`Saudi diplomat , enemy number one to the Resistance Samer al Sabhaan , who came under the pretext of taking back to Saudia the ISIS thugs of Saudi origin as he claims

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The Lebanese constitute only half the population of Lebanon . The other half are all non Lebanese with the Syrians constituting the majority of non Lebanese . The 2 million Syrians have not come to Lebanon out of their own will , many were pressured to head to Lebanon . The majority actually was pushed towards Lebanon and even bribed , for reasons that aim at altering the demography of Lebanon and create a factor of instability in the small Arab country that hosts the mighty Resistance of Hizbullah by increasing the number of the other sect . The UN is a great contributor to this mess , for it will only give aid to the displaced refugees in their hosting countries, and threatens to cut any aid provided to those who attempt to return to their native village or town .

Most displacements of people in the Syrian war have been engineered, and governments are investing in this displacement, and this includes also the displacement of the Rohingyas who seems also to be engineered for some purpose that will be revealed later, and of which KSA is not innocent that hosts the ARSA headquarters which is the Rohingyas armed faction . Turkey is master in coercive displacement of Syrians, and master in investing in it, and is reaping billions keeping Europe under the threat of sending millions of refugees to Europe across the Mediterranean and blackmailing European countries into sending additional sums .

Displacement has become a big business and a means to operate political , cultural , demographic and social changes . Uprooting people comes in handy in order to serve the policy of acculturation and violation .To send Syrians across the Mediterranean serves many purposes , first to secure that they will never come back and will become part of the hosting countries , second they will be replaced by other people – be them Uyghurs or others- who came with their families from China to settle in Idlib and replace the original inhabitants who are all confined in Turkish camps . This way, there will be very little of Syria left, and all countries will become like Israel made of settlers .

Turkey is master in this kind of genocide, and has prepared the camps in Hatay even before the determining events of Jisr al Shughur started in June 2011 . One week before the attack by terrorist thugs, the camps were ready to host thousands of Syrian refugees . Now, Turkey has 3 million Syrian refugees . Most of them hail Erdogan, and they live in closed camps where no one is allowed not even parliament members, and where they are taught the Turkish language and culture, while the men receive training and are sent to fight in Syria against their Army . Erdogan intends to use those refugees, like he used the others whom he sent on inflatable boats to Europe , and he aims at transferring them to Syria to populate Idlib and other areas, and create a buffer zone that is loyal to him , and pays him tribute, and can claim the Turkish language and culture.

Not only Idlib is threatened, but other places too whereby Turkey has started rebuilding areas of Aleppo, and restoring Mosques sources say, and is spreading the Turkish culture in Jarablus and al Baab and other places that it controls, and building schools and universities with grants and housing and everything that goes with it . A similar destiny awaits al Raqqa controlled by the Kurds on behalf of US, whereby the province that was ISIS stronghold has been almost emptied of the population that were displaced by tens of thousands, with thousands killed and injured and the city destroyed by Coalition strikes , totally destroyed . Saudi diplomat Thamer al Sabhaan was in al Raqqa lately , after ISIS has been dislodged, coordinating with US officials. The displaced population has not been allowed in yet , and what will happen to al Raqqa is still a mystery .

Lebanon, on the other hand, plans to take the initiative and repatriate the Syrians in Syria despite objections from the UN and US and Europe who are investing in these refugees to operate demographic changes that will serve their genocidal agenda . Lebanon wants a secured return for all Syrian refugees and is working in this direction against the world order agenda, and is determined to achieve the purpose of having Syrians return safely to Syria where they belong .


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90% of al Raqqa is`destroyed due to Coalition strikes, and more than 1500 civilians`were dead and tens of thousands have fled the city. Sources say that the city was liberated 3 weeks`ago and ISIS had withdrawn and there were hardly any battles , but for some reason this was not revealed and the SDF kept it secret . For this reason we had these contradicting versions about the evacuation of ISIS from al Raqqa . Now , the US intends to rebuild al Raqqa and has hosted Saudi diplomat Thamer al Sabhan for this purpose or for some other purpose . The Citizens have not been allowed to return yet.. Al Raqqa has become US~ land and the US do not intend to leave and they have said that their forces will remain in Iraq and Syria even after dislodging ISIS.

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Iranian chief of staff Bagheri in Damascus to meet the Syrian rule . No doubt this comes after Syria has targeted with a missile an israeli plane that was violating the Lebanese air space on the borders with Syria . Israel, who coordinates with Russia its strikes over Syria has been striking Syria from Lebanon lately , and this happened at least twice, maybe to avoid embarrassing Russia and absolve it from any role in targeting Syria . It turns out that this striking from Lebanon was a maneuver to yield the Syrian retaliation that will happen in the Lebanese air space at times the Resistance was warning israel regarding its constant violations ,. This development is extremely dangerous especially that Syria is under Russia’s tutelage – the ally of israel- , and operates always with Russian green light or command . In this instance , Syria who is involved in an anti Terror war and is unable or unwilling to defend itself against israel has taken the initiative to retaliate in Lebanese skies anticipating the decision of the Resistance regarding these violations. This development shows that there are changes in the rules of the battle that were coordinated between Russia and israel of which Syria is part which necessitated the Iranian military visit to Syria’s-chief-staff-announces-strengthening-military-cooperation-damascus

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The plan is isolation , Isolate the Palestinian Resistance from the Iranians and from the Lebanese Resistance, and place them under the custody of Egypt that is sponsoring the Palestinian reconciliation., and that has been assigned this role , after Qatar and Turkey were drawn out of the picture, the first through the Gulf ban , and the second by involving it in Astana and after Iran was challenged in the Kurdish issue . It is not just the isolation of Iran from the Palestinian armed Resistance that is sought , but its isolation from Hizbullah and from the whole area by drawing it to Europe who is supposed to present an alternative to the US extreme stand , and an eligible partner to Iran after Russia has succeeded in separating between Syria and the Axis` of the Resistance . Now, the European choice is strongly present on the Iranian scene , and the leader alluded to it saying that relations` with Europe should be conditional and `require that Europe distinguishes itself actually from USA and the matter of the Iranian weapons altogether dropped .

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Sources agree that launching a missile from Damascus on an israeli plane that was violating the Lebanese air space on Monday was in no way a spontaneous act on behalf of Syria , but has been planned ahead , and the Russian party was probably informed about it . This means that the whole thing was a maneuver . This is extremely dangerous because, if the`Russians are behind it, this means that israel is behind it too , and means that this maneuver that happened over Lebanon while the Russian minister of`defense – Shoigu- was in Tel Aviv was israeli coordinated . When Russia that coordinates everything with israel is deciding on behalf of Syria how`to act regarding israel and where and when in a matter that is related to Lebanon , then there is need to worry and show deep concern . Syria is in alien hands and this is most worrying.

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