This is another attempt at having a somehow  permanent site or blog . Threats both identified and non identified caused the other blog on Word Press to be deleted . We will have to start from zero again. Especially that Face Book proved to be a hostile facility and environment with Zionists deciding to monitor the whole thing and blocking and deleting accounts .  In these times so many are conspiring against truth , mainly intellectuals and academicians and researchers whose basic role should have been to seek truth and highlight truth . They seem to be serving money and name and fame and material gain instead of serving truth. Had we had righteous intellectuals and thinkers , our condition would not have so much deteriorated , we would have preserved the essential , and defeated many schemes and conspiracies .But this is not so ; this so called “ intellectual elite” proved to be as corrupt as the others if not more , they have become the mouth piece of the establishment while hiding behind fake slogans . They have also left the society without proper guidance and victim to manipulation and disinformation. This site is an attempt at repairing things . Truth has only one version and one way, while lies and manipulations and falsities are multifaceted , they come in different dresses to sway as many people as possible . We will stick to truth , to the simple truth, and will try to overcome the obstacles and avoid any complacency or compromise .

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The last war war won over Israel that made many victims and caused great destruction –six years ago- bore nevertheless many fruits . It proved our strength and restored our dignity and for this reason every year we celebrate it and celebrate the fruits it reaped . One of these fruits was the release – in 2008 – of the eldest Arab Lebanese detainee in Israeli prisons : Samir Al Qantar -after more than 25 years of incarceration -and four other Lebanese freedom fighters . Al Qantar who was once told by an Israeli prison officer :” He is not yet born the man who can set you free” .Luckily enough this man was born and many men like him were also born to pure dedicated mothers and fathers , many men were born and mothers are still giving birth , these are the men of the Resistance , our Resistance.

The last time we celebrated in Lebanon it was summer , and the sun shone high in the Lebanese sky , but it was gloomy and raining in so called Israel, it was raining in so called Israel and shining bright in Lebanon ,we were holding our breath along with the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers , we held our breath until the detainees crossed the borders ; they were welcomed by music and dances and acclaimed ; the sight of the Israelis was unforgettable; while celebrations were taking place on the Lebanese side and flowers and rice were showering over the liberated ones on the tune of music and dances and women’s tears and laughter , the Israelis were shamefully carrying two black wooden coffins that contained the remains of two infamous Israeli soldiers captured by the Lebanese Resistance and exchanged .

The Israelis carried the coffins of their dead soldiers shamefully inside occupied Palestine, while celebrations were filling the Lebanese soil and air . Then it started raining in so called Israel ; rain started pouring over the dead bodies in the wooden black coffins. We felt that the Israelis got their due : Dead remains in coffins under rain of people who received their just punishment; while we –on the other side got our due as well in the form of victorious freedom fighters liberated by the determination and commitment of the men of the Resistance returning to their homeland to their brothers and sisters and celebrating . The sky showered flowers on them , flowers and rice.

Truly, it was justice that prevailed on that blessed day … nothing but justice , natural justice in the form of tears and laughter , and Natural Law prevailed and we felt extreme joy. It seemed-on this day that the game ended the way it should end : Victory and Defeat, Glory and Shame . Had the Israelis got some insight , they could have forseen what was in store for them and where all this play is heading to . It is simply heading to their utter defeat at the hands of the committed steadfast Resistance to which they submitted after waging the fiercest war on it in 2006 accepting compelled the terms of exchange set by the Resistance concerning the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

When the steadfast armed Resistance speaks its eloquent speech , when the dedicated Resistance commits itself to the righteous war , there is nothing left for Israelis except to pack and go, carry their shameful black actions in black coffins and leave the place that never was theirs and never will be and which they never deserved ,

Now you can understand why this noble unshakable Resistance of the people ,of all people , against the enemy of all , is feared and tracked and targeted in all places and at all times . In Syria , in Lebanon , in Palestine , in Iran, at the International Community and the UN , in Sudan , in Libya , in Egypt and in Africa , this Unshakable Resistance that liberated Samir al Qantar and defeated Israel twice, and has liberated also hundreds of Palestinian prisoners and detainees against one Israeli soldier, is wanted above all .

Billions are being spent and whole armies mobilized to get its head , wars for freedom and democracy and peoples’ rights are being waged every where . The weapon of utter sectarianism used and exploited to its full capacity to divide brothers in religion and humanity . The threats of religious and ethnic partitions plaguing the whole region . Weapons and military bases and anti missile shields and you name it raised and established everywhere , Fanatics thugs recruited , trained , armed and funded to be used whenever and wherever. NGOS and human rights organizations and internet facilities and utilities , all created and funded by the world order to get this Resistance and subjugate it and neutralize it .

All this has for single purpose but one thing : and all this has not yet touched one hair of our invincible Resistance . Do you need to hear more in order to assert the value of the armed Resistance of the people in Lebanon and in Palestine ? We have seen and we have believed , can you hear the truth and listen to the facts and believe so that we celebrate together not only the actual liberation of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners but the actual liberation of the whole of Palestine and the return of all Palestinians to their homeland ? The Resistance is the sure way , the only way tested , proved and approved!!

(Daniel Mabsout / / 11.08.2012)

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Palestine is being replicated in Afrin, and the people of Afrin have been displaced by hundreds of thousands and have become homeless and lost everything they have . At the same time hordes of terrorist thugs have been introduced by Turkey to Afrin to loot and sack Afrin and take everything they can reach . These hordes of thugs remind us of the terrorist gangs of Haganah and Irgun and others among paramilitary hordes of Jews who came to Palestine to usurp the land and displace the Palestinians and destroy their society in order to build their own artificial society . It is the one and same scheme of destroying original societies that we are witnessing right now in Afrin and in Syria as a whole and in Iraq and Libya and other places at the hands of the lowest creed of society in order to establish the rule of the thugs .. If we look behind we can remember that this is the way USA was founded whereby the hordes of Puritan thugs among others outlaws and convicts usurped the land and displaced and genocided the original people and destroyed their culture and society . The destruction of original societies is what is in store for humanity as a whole and the establishment of the rule of unruly gangs . Eventually these gangs might dress up and shave and look decent but they are gangs nevertheless and have no culture.This is the civilization of gang -stan and terroristan .

***photo of destruction in Afrin , more than half of Syria looks like this


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The prospects for Syria are towards escalation and extension of the war; and even though the israelis say that Assad has won this war against the enemy , the local media speaks about something different that includes escalation and a possible – probable- US-israeli attack that will storm Syria and will not last long, and where Russia will be tested in its commitment to Syria, and will have to decide on which side to stand .

It is strange that Russia needs to be tested again after what happened in Afrin . But we have not learned the lesson that says that the Russians are working in favor of prolonging this war , and they are preventing any battle against the terrorists to reach its term and be finalized, and that they are doing NATO’s bidding in Syria , and they have delivered Afrin to NATO Turkey simply and bluntly , and they are speaking today about turning Syria into a No Fly Zone . Maybe they mean by this a` zone – like Afrin- where only the Turkish airforce is allowed to operate , and where the Syrian airforce is not allowed, and where the Syrian air defenses in Aleppo were deactivated by Russian decree so that the Turkish airforce operates safely over Efrin ..

Is there a need to say more whereby the Syrian rule seems totally helpless and needs more than a show of strength and a visit to al Ghouta frontline to shore it up ? The israeli comment is quite significant in this instance and aims at shoring up the Syrian rule and picturing Assad as a hero . This is a very dangerous incursion on behalf of israel whereby israel has become implicated in manufacturing heroes for Arab people. A hero who has no say in Afrin or in Idlib or in Deir Ezzor , a hero who has signed `an agreement with Turkey via Russia that allows the Turks to use the Syrian air space in order to defend themselves , a hero who cannot operate Syria’s air defenses against a Turkish raid on Syrian soil, and cannot decide for any battle to continue or to stop because the balance of power between the Terrorist thugs and the Syrian Army should not be broken under any pretext and the Russians will make `sure that this never happens,

It is time to understand that the internationalization of the struggle is harming Syria a lot even more than the terrorist thugs are harming Syria because this is `a vicious `circle where Syria would have to keep all war belligerents satisfied at the expense of its own sovereignty and integrity and safety . Until this fact is realized, there is no peace for Syria.


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The demonization of the Kurds has not stopped on the pro Assad media outlets . After accusing them of cooperating with the US , the Kurds are being accused of handing in Afrin to the Turks .These accusations fit perfectly the Syrian rule who had allowed US to strike Syria and who handed in Afrin to the Turks. This demonization comes in handy to hide the conspiracy on Afrin that is`a conspiracy on Syria arranged by the Russians with Syrian official approval; and with the complacency of the Syrian rule who has let Afrin down and turned its back on one million Syrians . This is meant to absolve Turkey and justify the Turkish invasion of Syria . We are before a hell of an agenda that very few are able to discern or `denounce where the guilty is to look innocent and the innocent guilty .It has become a taboo to see the situation under an different light . This is considered a crime that no one should commit like antisemitism in France


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GHOUTA, AFRIN, MANBIJ SIDKAN follow the route through Moscow


While the population is still being evacuated from eastern Ghouta with the progress of the Syrian Army, the terrorist thugs of al Ghouta will negotiate their exit from eastern Ghouta with the Russians in order to be able to head north and join the Euphrate` Shield of Erdogan where they are needed especially if Erdogan intends to take Manbij after Afrin. This happens while the NATO Turkish proxies are looting Afreen and sacking everything they can reach in terms of houses and official buildings and nothing will left after that ,At the same time, the Turkish Army has entered north of Iraq up to 15 km inside Iraq and has clashed with the PKK militants and established up to 10 military points in Sidkan north of Iraq . This is happening in agreement with Iraqi rule and with green light from Iraqi PM al Abadi . In return, and in order to pacify Erbil , the Iraqi government has paid the salaries of all the official employees in Erbil including the Peshmerga .


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The same day Afrin was lost to the Turks , Putin was elected president of Russia for the fourth time . No doubt that the two events are related, and it is on the remains of Syria that Putin is rising to power and stabilizing his rule backed by the world order while Syria is being torn apart and destroyed and Assad’s rule seriously jeopardized . These are interrelated events , and Putin has been well served on Assad’s table, fed by the achievement of the Resistance and then by the sacrifices of the Syrian people to the point that Russia occupied the whole scene, and the war on Syria became a war on Russia in the first place; a war that is not hurting Russia in anyway but on the contrary is promoting Russia to the rank of pseudo super power that will host soon the FIFA world cup and preparing itself for a more promising world .

No doubt that Syria is the major voter in these elections , and Putin rewarded the Syrians by taking Afrin form them and inviting the Turks in and implementing the NATO agenda in Syria . This is a major turn in the war . In order to share in the Russian elections and restore his seriously damaged image Assad has visited the al Ghouta front today to be with the soldiers ; but where is he from Putin’s glory who got all the votes , and is ruling both Russia and Syria , and has annexed Crimea and no more cares about Ukraine , and is striking deals left and right : arms`deals and all kinds of deals using Syria as a showroom and testing ground for his weapons ? By comparison, Assad fared poorly and did not sound convincing at all . even though speaking about Syria’s role in changing the world . A change that for certain Syrians consists in having Putin rule Russia for ever and Xi Jinping rule China forever . Syria has become it seems an election experimental field, and rulers like Assad will rule forever over a disintegrated Syria. They will have no sovereignty on the ground but will have a role that they will assume like fighting terror and promoting Putin .

The Syrian narrative about Afrin is a pathetic one , it says that Afrin was already occupied and it only changed hands from one occupier to another. How`sad, and what will happen later is further deterioration because no one is ready to assess properly
the situation and have Syria overcome this difficulty and assume its responsibilities and`ask the Russian belligerent out.

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Writers on the payroll of Moscow . Shame. Journalists like this person Meyssan who have acquired some credibility, use this credibility in order to implement the world order agenda of partitioning Syria . Shaming the Kurds for working with USA while it is the Syrian rule who- in 2014 long before the Kurds were part of the political scene- accepted the Coalition strikes over Syria, and that the anti terror Coalition- headed by USA – strikes ISIS in Syria which the US did without authorization or permission targeting civilians and Syrian soldiers more than targeting ISIS . In fact, the Kurdish -USA rapprochement that happened much later is justifiable after the Kurds were forsaken by the rule and left to provide for themselves and defend themselves against ISIS , and after Assad refused that Iran arms them while they were subject to ISIS attacks .

How can the Coalition strikes on Syria- headed by USA- be justified, and why Syria accepted them back in 2014 to complain about them later, while the Kurds who were cornered and left with no choice are being shamed for doing what the Syrian rule did ?

The developments of the events show us that while we were rallying against the Rojava or the separate Kurdistan, it is not the Rojava or the separate Kurdistan that we should have feared . What we should have feared is the Ottoman Sultanate NATO project headed by Erdogan ; but we were taken with the Kurds on this Rojava ride that expressed itself in the empowerment of the Kurds by the world order who supported them, and opened diplomatic missions for them, the first in Moscow, luring the Kurds into believing that they will give them a federal state and Russia started writing the constitution for a federal Syria .All this was in order to justify and legitimize the Turkish military intervention- in Syria and Iraq- as directed against our so called enemies the Kurds . At the same time, and in order to fuel the ethnic hatred after the sectarian hatred, the Kurds were associated with the israelis and Rojava with israel .

Of course this is not about the Kurds, and has nothing to do with the Kurds , who were simply used by US and Russia in order to be forsaken later by both . This is what the world order has in store for Syria . All this has been carefully crafted by the world order, and it paved the road for the actual Turkish invasion of Syria that is happening right now under our noses justified by being directed against the Kurds – so called enemies of Syria and its unity .

Under this label, the Turks have invaded Syria with Russian green light and Syrian official approval , and controversial writers working for the NATO scheme have been .promoting this everywhere on the media outlets .


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