This is another attempt at having a somehow  permanent site or blog . Threats both identified and non identified caused the other blog on Word Press to be deleted . We will have to start from zero again. Especially that Face Book proved to be a hostile facility and environment with Zionists deciding to monitor the whole thing and blocking and deleting accounts .  In these times so many are conspiring against truth , mainly intellectuals and academicians and researchers whose basic role should have been to seek truth and highlight truth . They seem to be serving money and name and fame and material gain instead of serving truth. Had we had righteous intellectuals and thinkers , our condition would not have so much deteriorated , we would have preserved the essential , and defeated many schemes and conspiracies .But this is not so ; this so called “ intellectual elite” proved to be as corrupt as the others if not more , they have become the mouth piece of the establishment while hiding behind fake slogans . They have also left the society without proper guidance and victim to manipulation and disinformation. This site is an attempt at repairing things . Truth has only one version and one way, while lies and manipulations and falsities are multifaceted , they come in different dresses to sway as many people as possible . We will stick to truth , to the simple truth, and will try to overcome the obstacles and avoid any complacency or compromise .

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you can hear Pepe Escobar who defames the leader of Iran usually in his articles promoting Larijani as president of Iran. Larijani seems to have secured the western left on his side for his future candidacy like Mir Hussein Moussawi had secured the foreign embassies on his side in 2009 . This bunch of intellectuals` are real failures and are good for nothing , and they are everywhere , and now they have found that they could be of some use for their governments or their state because they can come to Iran and have access to prominent Iranians , they have secured their job so to speak and it is Iran that is brushing their image and giving them importance and helping them . They have nothing to give to Iran though, and most probably are infiltrators with an agenda , One wants Larijani for ruler , the other wants alliance with China and Russia and Iran in one front while a third says that Iran has become the place where leftists meet from everywhere . Escobar says that conferences for Palestine will not help Palestine …. especially if they are attended by Escobar and his likes we add. What use can Iran make of those failures is the question?

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that Trump is a fool ruling the strongest so to speak country on earth is not an accident. Trump is not a fool by the way , he might be an inexperienced politician . and has been chosen on purpose because it is intended that USA shows its disqualification as a global administrator by choosing a president that lacks the necessary qualification and is eligible to impeachment . Why US is doing this and why does it want to be ruled by Trump ? This because US needs a president like Trump suitable to answer the need of the present condition . US is no more a super power meaning that it can no more wage an encompassing war anywhere on the planet because this is no more affordable especially after israel has been defeated in the region and `could not achieve the US purposes. For this reason USA is ready to delegate powers to other forces like Russia , Europe and China and even KSA and needs to promote these powers and sugarcoat them, and one way of doing this is `to show that US~is being ruled by an insane person a fool so to speak ,and that it is better to have someone like Putin or China or BRICS or EU or a group made of all those take in charge the whole matter and rule the global world order


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Putin is a controversial person. and it is`a mistake to confuse Russia for USSR and think Russia is`siding with the people and supporting the struggle of the people in Syria or elsewhere. Russia is not doing so , but the people wants to project on Russia their longing for the USSR and for a world power that can stand behind people- any people – and back them and support their struggle. Russia does not fill these qualifications nor master Putin , and Putin is not in Syria to help Syrians, he is in Syria upon US`assignment, it is`US~that wanted Putin to come to Syria by his own saying , otherwise Putin – after the chemical deal -had left Syria`and closed the naval base in Tartous`and withdrew the technicians and number of diplomats from Syria` when he was summoned to Syria. .So, Putin was answering the call of the US and not of the Syrians, not even of the Syrian rule. It is only later after the Russians came to Syria`that the Syrian rule made their presence legal through UN .

If Putin were on the side of the people, he would have vetoed the war on Yemen and prevented the 2216 UN Resolution from passing that declared the war on Yemen in 2015 . Putin did not use the veto, and sources say HE GOT ONE BILLION FROM THE SAUDIS for not using the Russian veto against the UN 2216 Resolution that declared the`war on Yemen. Definitely . Russia is not the friend of the Yemeni people

If we go back to Putin’s rule itself , we find that Putin’s name is associated with terrorist attacks in his country , and with theft , and with the Yeltsin Mafia . Putin has a very controversial past, and is part of the corrupt Russian administration , and this does not qualify him in any way to embrace peoples’ causes. His relations with israel are not a secret and it is upon israel’s request that he dispossessed Syria of its`chemical arsenal and delivered it to the UN . This was Syria’s strategic weapon that Syria had to give up because this is what israel wanted . The Red line links directly Putin’s office to Netenyahu’s office since 2013, and there is more to say . Russia coordinates with israel in Syria, and has an air safety agreement with israel and this is not a secret . This means that when israel raids Syria , Russia` is always informed before hand.

Is it possible that israel accepts a military presence in the Mediterranean that is inimical and to turn a blind eye on the Russian military presence in Syria and in the Mediterranean? How does it accept that the S 400 missiles be deployed in Syria while tracking and trying to target every bullet the Resistance gets and raiding every week arsenals in Syria that belong to the Resistance so to speak ? How is it allowing jet fighters and all sorts of Russian weapons on Syrian soil ? It is simply because these weapons are not threatening to israel. We `can even say that they are here to protect israel. Russia is in Syria to protect israel. When Obama wanted to operate a landing in Syria and to strike Syria in year 2013 Mohammad al Ja’fari Chief commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard said: let each US soldier bring his coffin with him. This is when the Russian military intervention became necessary .

The Russian Army in Syria is another NATO proxy Army like the terrorist factions are proxy armies that is why it is never targeted by terrorists. The terrorists are not at war with the Russians who came to Syria to fight them and finish them, like they are not at war with israel or the US who created them and monitors them

It is important to know that Russia is a sponsor of Terror the same way US is a a sponsor of terror, and sources say that Russia facilitated the exit of thousands of Chechens and Dagestanis to Syria through Turkey, and these terrorist thugs` are Russian citizens whom the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan had bought from Putin against billions with the promise that they will never return

Russia and US are not at odds , in fact, it is US that renovated Russia’s Arsenals, and renewed Russia’s nuclear heads and promoted and supported Putin’s ascension to the presidency since 1999 taking turns with Medvedev in a clear usurp of power


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The predators have gathered in Brussels around the couple Mogherini -Zarif . It is`so touching to see the predators so much concerned about Iran and about the nuclear deal and about peace . We wish they showed the same concern for Libya and Yemen . but no, it is the nuclear deal they defend and because this is their assignment for the time being to shore up Rouhani’s government and to embark on another nuclear trip while Mogherini distributes her smiles left and right . How touching really!

What the Europeans are trying to do is to dissociate themselves from US and give the impression that they are standing apart so that the Iranians bite the bait and become hooked, and feel they are the luckiest people on earth. Really it was not worthwhile starting the Revolution few decades ago that changed the fate of the whole region to end up in Mogherini’s arms!

It is so unfitting that the Rouhani team should really feel ashamed. Are the Iranians so sure that Europe was not implicated in the last bloody riots that the country witnessed that they rushed to get the European blessings that will protect them so to speak from Trump’s vicious schemes ? Such shallow thinking and attitude should not be allowed that is so much at odds with the principles of the Revolution and with the Spiritual drive of the country as a whole .

This nuclear show should end some time . The Nuclear deal is`a joke, and Europe is non different from US despite Mogherini’s smiles. This is the wolf dressed as grand ma, and if the government thinks that they can play on the so called contradiction between Europe and US , this means that they are totally deluded and incurable .

Europe is the mother of US and of israel , and this is where real predation was born and continues to operate on more than a level, and Europe does not seek the welfare of Iran but seeks to keep Rouhani posted because then there is a chance for Europe to infiltrate and contaminate. Enough of nuclear courting with old colonialist Europe!


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Since the truth cannot be known, and the Syrian events are being occulted, and victories seen where there are none . We have to draw our own conclusions . Sources say that what has been hit by the israelis – two days ago- in al Qutayfah- by air raids from the Lebanese air space- or from shelling from the occupied territories over Lebanon , are arsenals in Syria belonging to Hizbullah .

This is not the first time that this happened by the` saying of Sayyed Hassan himself who revealed that the Resistance is targeted in Syria, and sometimes it retaliates and some other times it does not . This targeting is according to a certain deal . We speak about a deal that is between the three parties – israel, Russia and Syria – similar to the deal that allowed the Turks into Syria – according to which the Turkish forces were allowed to enter Syria – in Jarablus- under the label of blocking the way to the Kurds, and undermining their power, without meaning that they would have to confront the Syrian Army.

The israeli attacks – we assume- must be part of a similar deal; whereby they allow israel to have access to the Resistance without Syria objecting, or with Syria’s knowledge and consent, and without the danger of escalation into a real war . These attacks have a ceiling that they cannot transgress, and limits that they have to abide by, not only to prevent their escalation into a real war, but also in order to hide the Russian-israeli coordination that would be otherwise exposed. the fact that they happen from Lebanon is also in order to hide this coordination .

It is this coordination that allows the israelis to find out where the Resistance hides its weapons in Syria. The israelis cannot know the whereabouts of the `Resistance in Lebanon , but in Syria , it is something else ..

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Who likes and enjoys mazes can enter into the Syrian matter and try to find his way out between the Turks, the Kurds the US and Russia and the thousands of terrorist factions in addition to the Syrian rule and the UN . And from Geneva to Astana to Sochi, he can go from one place to another . No doubt that the ride is full of surprises, and is not over yet . The most dangerous thing in this whole matter is that the terrorist thugs have become a player on the ground and a legitimate negotiator and have become part of the Army and of the social fabric in Syria and they were accepted and integrated as part of the whole scenery while the Syrian people themselves have become alienated and neutralized. Where are the Syrian people from what is happening now and where are they from Sochi and Astana and Geneva ? And who is casting them aside to turn Syria into an international arena open to all kinds of conflicts whose goal is to expose the country and the `region and drain its capacities in a non ending war, and rehabilitate terrorist thugs by sitting with them on the table ? Even israel would not have dreamt of such scenario regarding Syria. It is a miracle that the Russians operated in Syria for which israel should be ever grateful. The Syrian people should be brought back to the scene and given their due if we are to come out of this maze with minimum losses, ` and Assad should reconsider his `choices . Syria is not a Russian military base nor does Assad own Syria .If the Syrians are neutralized there is no future for Syria

this is` a world order endeavor to replace people by thugs and to give them authority and self administration and allow them to rule others, and this is what the deescalation zones serve , they are places where the Syrian rule is not allowed and they are no Fly Zones for the`Syrians and they are controlled by the thugs and their affiliates under the pretext that they are moderate terrorists.


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It is no more possible to know the whole truth , and the Media has become as corrupt as the rule. There is personal effort that is required, and it is almost impossible to be sure of anything especially when Russia is involved .

The latest news say that Russia has shot down all 13 drones full of explosives sent by Turkey- as they say- through Qatari sponsored Ahrar al Sham from Idlib to the Hmaimeem Russian air base . There were no damages say the Russians . Nevertheless, it is surprising that 13 drones filled with explosives were neutralized without causing damage . The goal is to make us believe that Russia and Turkey are`at odds because Russia is guarantor of Turkey , and Turkey is not respecting the`Astana deal and is not evicting al Nusrat from Idlib ,as it should according to the deal .

The Astana deal says that the so called moderate thugs should` help Turkey fight al Nusrat thugs, and have them leave Idlib, but what happened is that the Turkish belligerent coordinated with all thugs in Idlib , and coordinated with al Nusrat as well , and it is the` Syrian Army that will have to liberate Idlib and it is progressing in the midst of fierce battles . The guarantor called Russia is not being held responsible, and the Turks say they want Ifreen versus Idlib, and they will trade this for that , but the truth is that they want to prolong endlessly this`war , and this is a goal that the Turks share with other war belligerents like`Russia and` USA, and it is` a` world order agenda .

This war has been brought to the region in order to stay. The US does not want Syria to become wholesome again and integral , and if Assad is to stay and rule , he is to stay and rule over the rubble that Syria has become . The US is relying on Putin to keep this war going. And Assad who thought that he could bet on Russia against US is being taken on a ride in a war that started but that will not end any time soon .

The Turkish- Russian relations are fine and the drones assault seems to be a maneuver and nothing more. Just last week , the two war belligerents of Russia and Turkey signed a`deal that will allow`Turkey to get S 400 evolved Russian missile systems while Assad is still waiting for the S 300 Russian missiles to be delivered

Remains to know`whether the`Syrian Army will be allowed to enter Idlib and this is not guaranteed . There might be Turkish-Russian Red lines in here like the US- Russian Red lines that prevented the Syrian Army from entering al Raqqa


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